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The computer industry continues to thrive in this economy and offer stable jobs to those who have the knowledge, technical aptitude, and experience with computers, programming, research, and networking. Those who have computing degrees often have the most up to date training and knowledge about the field they are entering into and are full of interesting ideas they can bring to the table.

Different computer degrees lend themselves to different careers and tracks in the computer industry. There are many different skills that are taught in each program, and while some overlap, there are many skills that degrees choose to focus in on and that serve particular careers more than others. Here are several degrees that are offered by most universities and how they are used to further a career and the computer science field.

Computer Science Degree

A degree in general computer science is a degree that focuses on the mathematics and data analysis of computer. Typical classes include, calculus, logic, statistics, data structures, and other classes that make this a truly math focused degree. This degree most serves people who are looking for careers in data and statistics analysis, as well as other careers in information services. Those who choose to continue on in their education and earn a doctorate or professional degree in computer science, using it to research new technologies or new ways to use existing technologies, can earn over 100,000 a year.

Computer Programming Degree

Computer programming degrees often include classes like principles of programming language, formal languages with applications, and classes that teach specific languages with are like the building blocks of any software or program. Becoming experts in classes like C++, Java, Ruby on the Rails, SQL, and Perl. Programmers work with these computer languages and create specialized software, and tools. Some software often produced by those in a computer programming job includes general software, video games, and education software. Graduates from computer programming degrees are often employed in web-based organizations, multimedia companies, cyber security, and wireless application companies and work as program analysts and software programmers. Careers in this field often about $71,000 a year. Although the careers in computer programming look stable over the next few years, a computer programming degree presents a challenge in that one once the degree is attained, there are is always new knowledge and training to keep everything fresh and up to date.

Computer Networking Degree

A computer networking degree helps students focus in on security and technology relevant in real world business situations. Through classes like servers and infrastructure, interconnecting devices, operating systems, and various advanced math classes, network administrators learn to help protect individuals and companies from threats, hacking, viruses, and other serious problems. Careers include becoming a network administrator, help desk operator, computer support specialist or a network systems analyst – anywhere where high level security , internet, and database skills are needed. Jobs in this field can earn an average of about $69,000 a year.

There is no doubt that degrees in varying computer related focuses can help point the way in a career and prepare a solid foundation for that occupation as well. And while experience is also extremely valuable for any career, for a highly technical job – like those in the computer industry – the training and education received from a degree is very important.

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